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1980s Mobile Disco

Prices for DJ hire can vary a lot between mobile discos, however so can the quality of the service provided. We offer a highly experienced 80s DJ service and a top quality mobile disco for less than you might think. Unfortunately its not easy to give a set price for 80s dj hire because different partys are for different lengths of time and obviously a 8 hour party will work out at more than a 4 hour one (but it will be less than twice as much). Other factors to consider are if its an off peak weekday party or at a less busy time of the year like January or November. Fridays are cheaper than Saturdays and Sundays are always a bargain.

Prices For 80s DJs & Mobile Discos

Despite the many variables and the difficulty of giving exact mobile Disco rates the reason you have read this far is because you want to know how much an 80s DJ will cost. Please consider then this a very rough guide to DJ hire rates for a standard 4 hour party which are often priced between

200 - 450 and upwards

The reason for this range is that no party is ever standard, some dates are far more popular than others and there will be different logistical factors involved with setting up the mobile disco equipment.

Mobile DJs that do include a set price no matter what the occasion or the location can really only do so by being sure to overcharge, and if the price does seem cheap then its likely this will be a booking agent for other DJs. We know from experience that some larger mobile disco companies offer a set low price and when they take a booking start to phone round to find a DJ cheap enough for them to employ, and still make a profit. It might be cheap but unless you book the DJ direct it might also be nasty.


If you are using a smaller venue it will also mean a smaller mobile disco setup is needed so this will effect the price, however the main cost is in the experience of the 80's music DJ and if you want a DJ that actually knows the best 80s tracks from the dance floor clearing 80s pop flops contact Pro Mobile Disco. DJ Jim worked as a DJ throughout the 1980's and knows what's an 80s hit and what's best to miss. When you contact us there is never a hard sell and unless you confirm a booking we do not store your details in any way. To get the best price on 80s dj hire call Pro Mobile Disco, we will ask a few questions and you can ask us as many as you like. There is no obligation and we always offer a friendly service that is dedicated to ensure we provide exactly what you want. Get a great 80s DJ and a professional 1980s mobile disco at lower hire rates than you would think contact Pro Mobile Disco and 80s DJ hire.