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DJ 1980s Music

The most popular 80s music can be best lumped into four main groups. The first is 80's soul and dance music including tracks from artistes like Alexander O'Neal, Luther Vandross and the Fatback band etc. The second covers a wider range and would be best described as cheesy 80's pop music. This group would include Wham, Aha, Weather Girls etc. A third main group are often preferred by the lads and include acts like Madness, Specials and the Jam etc. The fourth is new wave and really defined 80's pop music as being different from 70's disco by its electronic sound.

For a great 80s pop party disco we would select the most suitable tracks from these groups to match the occasion and your guests. A party when the audience is high energy and want to get on the dance floor will probably prefer more of a mix of cheesy 80s chart tunes with the most popular dance floor filling 80s classics. For a party with a more more laid audience, a soulful selection may be more appropriate. R&B tunes from artistes like Mary Jane Girls, Masters of Funk, or Loose Ends might be more the mark. If the party is mostly attended by lads of a certain age, who will often avoid the dance floor until the last possible minute; top tunes from the Jam, Human League, Joy division or Bad Manners may provide the best sound track to go with the drinking. The opposite of this would include music for the girls. Every DJ will rely on the Weather Girls, Cyndi Lauper and Tiffany to get the party started. What the DJ plays after these obvious choices is down to experience.


80s pop Music DJ's

Some inexperienced DJs will have gathered together a number of 80s tracks and will work through these tracks in a predetermined order. However a good 80s party DJ will see how well a track is received before selecting the next track and will be constantly changing the music selection to match the mood of the moment and build a great party atmosphere.

It may be that your favourite 80s music includes number ones and other tracks that are well known and went high in the charts. However if you prefer the less well known along with the top pop hits you need a DJ that played all the music from the charts during the 80s. Most DJs will know the number one tracks but if required we can play the tracks that got nowhere near the top ten and similar music that will mix in.