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80s music DJ
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80s Music DJ

A specialist 80s music DJ, with professional Mobile Disco equipment will make it a fun theme night party. Operating throughout the 1980s, we have the 80s party experience by performing at thousands of 80s music party's, actually during the 1980s. We first took to the turntables back in 1978 and know the top pop and 80s disco dance classics that will get things going on the dance floor. We are not just working from a pile of compilation CDs or downloaded 80s playlist, we know the music first hand as we played each 80s party classic hits as new release tracks.

The 80s was the golden age of cheesy pop tunes and the music charts contained both classic floor filling dance music and naff novelty records. As well as the cool cuts, the decade produce more than its share of dodgy number 1’s like Joe Dolcies shut up a ya face or from spitting image the less than classic chicken song. Check 80s DJ Jim's Pop flops of the 1980s for records to avoid at a 80s disco party today. When it comes to eighties music The firm’s star trekking may be a 80's party tune "but not as we know it".

In the 80s film soundtracks where as big as the hair styles, the kids from Fame couldn't stop themselves from jumping on the nearest car to boogie, and Top Gun took our breath away. Songs from films like Cocktail, Footloose, Flash dance and Dirty Dancing filled the charts as well as the dance floors.

The fresh, synth sound of new wave which was big in the early eighties, faded to gray by the middle of the decade when cheesy pop tunes became the in thing. Today classic new wave pop like 'Don't You Want Me?' and 'Just Cant Get Enough' have once again become extremely popular and will fill a dance floor at any 80s party. Jazz Funk bands such as Light of the World, Freeze, Shakatack were massive in the early 80s but perhaps not quite as popular today as the cheesy pop tunes produced by the Stock, Aitkin and Waterman hit machine. Many of the retro music 80's parties we perform at today focus on cheesy pop selection. Tunes from Mel and Kim, Rick Astley, Bananarama etc will often be remembered as top pop from the 1980s and a must for the DJ to play at a 1980s music theme night party.

Madonna the Queen of 80s disco had her first hits in the early 80s, and following the release of the Thriller album, Michael Jackson(rip) became the king of 80s Disco pop. Just like ABBA from the 70's any wedding DJ must have a selection of Michael and Madonna's 80s music to play during their wedding party set.

Boy bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and Modern Romance churned out the hits and looked sharpe in nice suits. Mums favourite and Genesis drummer Phil Collins had hits with the band and several hits on his own, including three number ones. Phil also found time to star in the 1988 film Buster.

Not just the music from the 1980s we can mix this with any decade or style. So we can make it a 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s till now theme party event. theme night functions make the perfect party and are remembered long after the event. Great party entertainment for anniversaries, birthdays, reunions and corporate events.

80s Party DJ

If you are planning a 80's music theme party and want to hire a 80s DJ that knows the music well enough to know what tunes filled the dances floors back in the 80s and is not just playing a selection of random cds from his Dads record collection call the professional 80s music Mobile Disco and hire a great 80s music DJ for your poptastic eighties night party. We operate in London Essex herts berkshire, buckinghamshire kent and across the whole south east area. Contact us first for a professional 80s theme party DJ with the experience to make it a night to remember.