1980s music DJ and mobile disco in Harrow for weddings, theme nights and corporate events.
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80s music DJ in Harrow and the north London area will make the occasion a super celebration. Partys are fun and an 80s theme adds an extra dimension that will take the event out of the ordinary. We are specialist 80s music mobile Disco in Harrow that can help make your occasion the extra special celebration you are hoping for.

With more than 30 years real time party experience we have learnt every occasion is unique and a different approach is required every time. For a great 80s music party its no good if the DJ puts on a mix tape playing the same selections in the same order. We know everyone will have different memories of the 80s weather or not they are old enough to lived through the decade of dance or cheesy pop tunes or not. Memories of 80s music may be formed from the music we heard in films, TV adverts, on the radio in our first cars, the first dance at School discos or later by playing our parents record collection. What we remember as good or bad will depend on a lot of things and most people will have different ideas on what great 80s music is. We know all the dance floor fillers and what are the party atmosphere killers are. Its a reality that if an inexperienced 80s DJ just plonks on a CD compilation track it will not make it a good party, whereas we can make it a great party.

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We always look forward to applying the same high level of dedication and professionalism to each occasion but we also treat each event as the unique one event that it is. Contact 80s DJ in Harrow for reliable mobile discos with the music from the 1980s.