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Sir Cliff saw us through Christmas and into the new year with the festive favourite mistletoe and wine. Not a floor filler but it might get the occasional play at a office Christmas party perhaps right the beginning or at the end of the evening when everyone's had plenty of Christmas spirit and the caretaker wants everyone to clear off so he can lock up early.

The then newlyweds of neighbors Scott and Charlene were reunited at the number one spot with especially for you. Jason Donovan went on to have his own chart topping success with 'Too many broken hearts' and 'Sealed with a kiss'. Sonia chalked up another hit for the hit factory of SAW (Stock, Aitkin & Waterman). Apparently petite but pushy Sonia gave Pete Waterman a hard time out side a Liverpool radio station. He then invited her to sing live on his radio show and she was signed up by SAW and where she made her first and only UK number one.

UK Number 1s of 1989

Cliff Richard Mistletoe and wine 10th Dec
Kylie and Jason Especially for you 7th Jan
Marc Almond& Gene Pitney Something's got a hold of my heart 28th Jan
Simple minds Belfast Child 25th Feb
Jason Donovan Too many broken hearts 11th March
Madonna Like A prayer 25th March
Bangles Eternal flame 15th April
Kylie Inoue Hand on your heart 13th May
Christians & Holly Johnson & Paul Martine & Gerry Mars den etc Ferry Cross the Mersey 20th May
Jason Donovan Sealed with a kiss 10th June
Soul 2 Soul Back to life 24th June
Sonia You'll never stop me from loving you 22nd July
Jive Bunny Swing the mood 5th August
Black Box Ride on time 9th Sept
Jive Bunny That's the way I like it 21st Oct
Lisa Transfixed All around the world 11th Nov
New kids on the block You got it 25th Nov
Jive Bunny Lets Party 16th Dec
Band aid 2 Do they know its christmas 23 Dec

Jive Bunny reigned terror on the UK charts with three number ones in 1989 all of which make our list of worst tunes of the 80s which we think are amongst the most awful tunes of the 1980s. This description is only our opinion and may be unfair because in party's at the time these records did work, and would keep a dancing crowd on the dance floor for a bit. However the DJ had to be careful not to over do it and play the whole track or more than one of these tunes back to back. Unfortunately these massive selling number one tunes were played to death on the radio and ultimately people get bored, we got very bored, very quickly. Apart from these three tracks jive bunny attacked the UK charts with several other offerings however by the early 90s the discerning british public had had enough and it was not so much Jive Bunny but Jive turkey. To ensure we don't accidentally play one of these terrible tracks our collection of Jive Bunny records have been encased in concrete and dropped into the deepest part of the ocean.

Do They Know its Christmas? the remix took us from the 80s to the 90s. We like the 1989 version less than the 1984 classic which we think is a great pop record. Its has catchy, easy to sing along to lyrics and a fab backing track, its perfect Christmas pop. The remake was produced by SAW and included many of their hit factory acts. The new version was meant to appeal to a new generation of the record buying public. It was for a good cause and so we brought several copies to give out at Christmas parties but unfortunately the 1989 version of 'Do they know its Christmas?' did nothing like as well as the original. The original was the biggest selling record of all time until Elton Johns candle in the wind 97 racked up more sales. The original seemed more fun despite the suffering of the people Ethiopia which was the reason that inspired Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to write the tune back in 1984. To raise money for charity this tune should be a national institution and re released every few years for ever. Good on ya Sir Bob.

The line up for Band Aid 2 included the board wobbling Australian Rolf Harris, who we now know liked to play with more than just his own didgeridoo. Rolf Harris had the chart topping distinction of having number one records in the 60s, 70s, 80's and 90's with just two records. These were Band aid 2 which spaned from 1989 to early 1990 and his earlier chart topper Two Little Boys again a number 1 at the end of the 60s and into the seventies, as well as his criminal convictions this must be some kind of a record.

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