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Flying Pickets Only you 1983
Paul MacCartney Pipes of peace 14th Jan
Frankie goes to Hollywood Relax 28th Jan
Nena 99 Red Balloons 3rd March
Lionel Ritchie Hello 24th March
Duran Duran The Reflex 5th May
Wham Wake me up before you go go 2nd June
Frankie goes to Hollywood Two Tribes 16th June
George Michael Careless Whisper 18th Aug
Stevie Wonder I Just called to say 8th sept
Wham Freedom 20th Oct
Chaka Chan I feel for you 10th Nov
Jim Diamond I should have know better 1st Dec
Frankie Goes to Hollywood The power of love 8th Dec
Band Aid Do they know its Christmas? 15th Dec

We loved the original sound of the Flying Pickets but the first Number one tune of 1984 is a non starter as far as an 80s party's goes and pipes of peace is also also a one to miss. The third chart topper of 84 Relax is far better and as one of the biggest selling singles of the eighties it has much more interesting story behind it. This record was released in 1983 and for weeks scraped along the bottom of the charts not really getting anywhere, when they got a spot on a pre Christmas edition of the tube, following this and the subsequent appearance on the massively influential top of the pops the track moved up to the number 6 position in the new year charts. However at about this time radio one 80's DJ Mike Read decided the lyrics were inappropriate and banned the record from his play list. It then followed that despite having appeared on Top Of The Tops and the track having several air plays on Radio One, FGTH received a network ban. Relax almost certainly would have got to number one but the ban helped it stay there a lot longer and added to the bands hype. Frankie says "RELAX".

Wedding DJ's in the 80s were often asked to play the two big slow numbers of 1984 which were Hello and Careless whisper. Perhaps in 1984 nobody took too much notice to the lyrics as Careless Whisper is totally inappropriate for newlyweds. Not listening to the lyrics may explain why it took the BBC so long to realise Relax was a bit saucy.

The year finished with the Band Aid phenomenon, inspired by sir Bob and Midge Ure, the record was produced by Trevor Horn who had great chart success with the Frankie boys. This record set a trend of charity records that would last till the end of the 80s. Charity records were made for a good cause but some of the artistes appearing on them may have hoped to restart their fading careers, not so much Band Aid but band wagon. Today we have celebrity big bother and help! I once was a celebrity, get me in the jungle (names changed for legal reasons).

Uk number 1 music hits of 1984

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