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1980s Chart Music

Shakin' Stevens who had his first chart success in 1980 and two number 1's in 1981 continued his rain of terror on the UK charts with several pop offerings and 1 number 1 (oh Julie). At the time the 60 to 70 something's would always like a bit of shakey played at a party, although the odd grumble about shakeys version of green door not being as good as Frankie Vaughan's could be heard. Today's the 60 to 70 something's, who would have been in their late 30s and 40s back in 1982 generally prefer a tune from shakey than a cheesy tune from the hit factory. Bucks fizz, who Pro Mobile Disco thinks are brilliant but never gets requested at parties. As such we never get to play their classic brand of retro pop. One of the biggest Uk bands of the early 80s Bucks fizz toped off their Euro vision victory with several 80s number ones including two in 1982.

Strangest number one record of 1982 for us was captain sensible's Happy Talk, now the captain was the drummer from a 70s punk band the dammed so what's with doing a Rogers and Hammerstein cover version. Maybe his was just doing the sensible thing and making a few quid on the back of the 80s novelty record craze, but at the time it would clear the dance floor and we have had to include this tune in our list of 80s pop flops. The year ended on a high note for all record buying grans and Grandads, the Christmas number one was from Rene and the operatic voice of Renato. Or was it the other way round, in any case if you were one of the teenage's swaying in the background to this when it was played on the Christmas day edition of top of the pops, we have to ask, what were you thinking?

80s Number 1 charts hits 1982




Human League

Don't you want me


Bucks Fizz

The land of make believe

16th Jan

Shakin' Stevens

Oh Julie

30th Jan


The model / computer love

6th Feb

The Jam

Town Called Malice

13th Feb

Tight Fit

The Lion sleeps tonight

6th March

Goombay dance band

Severn tears

27th March

Bucks fizz

My Camera never lies

17th April

Paul Mcartney/Stevie Wonder

Ebony and Ivory

24th April


A little peace

15th May


House of fun

29th May

Adam - ant

Goody two shoes

12th June


Ive never been to me

26th June

Captain Sensible

Happy talk

3rd July

Irene Cara


17th July

Dexys midnight runners

Come on Eileen

7th AUgust


Eye Of the tiger

4th Sept

Musical Youth

Pass the dutchie

2nd Oct

Culture Club

Do you really want to hurt me

23rd Oct

Eddy Grant

I don't wanna Dance

13th Nov

The Jam

Beat Surrender

4th dec

Rene and Renato

Save your love

18th Dec

The chart topers of 1982 contains some 80s classics as well as some duff stuff. The first number one track of 1982 is a great new wave, electro pop track where as the last number one of the year has more corn than Kelloges. Save your love was almost a novelty record but it must have been people buying this for their Grans present that made Rene and Renato the 1982 Christmas number one. 1982 was a good year for the boys and provided hits from Madness, Dexys Midnight Runners and the Jam that will still get dad dancing at a wedding today.

Pro Mobile disco apologise for any possible errors that may appear we are not perfect so recommend the information contained within this listing is only viewed as a guide to 1980s music. Not all the hits of 1982 were that great some Pro Mobile disco provides a specialised 80s DJ in London Herts, Essex with mobile discos perfect for 80s party's and retro music theme nights.