80s music playlist for wedding birthdays anniversary's or any 1980s music theme night party.
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80s Playlist Ideas

If you are searching the internet and looking for a list of the best 80s music in order to create a perfect party playlist you are searching for the impossible. If you are trying to create a playlist for your own party and thinking you will save money by not hiring a DJ you will probably be disappointed with the results. That is unless of corse you are just have a few friends over for a chat and want some music on in the background and you dont expect the dance floor to get busy. The other reason you may be here is if you are DJ that has been hired to do an 80s music party and looking for ideas. In that case we wish you well and what follows are some hints based on the most requested 80s tracks we are asked to play.

Cheesy pop was big in the 80s so most things from Madonna the pop Queen of the 80s will work including Holiday, Like a virgin and her first number one into the groove. Michael Jackson is a winner especially Billie Jean and Thriller.Yazz provided great disco pop with Only way is up as did The Weather Girls with Its raining men and Jamian Stewart with We don't Have. If you like it even more cheesy Rick Astley is your man with Together forever and Never going give you up. Don't forget Wham, Bananarama and Boy George. You can cheat with Queens don't stop me now as everyone thinks it an 80s track but actually its from the 70s. A longer list can be found on the 80s music page. These are not necessarily the best, or will work best at your party because your party will be different to any party we have ever done. Your party is a one off unique event that needs to be right on the night for the first and final time.

If its your party and you are putting together a prearranged playlist you may think it a good idea to ask your friends to rsvp a track to include. Two problems with that. The first is when questioned most people will wish to give the impression they have a sophisticated taste in music so instead of asking for a party classic they ask for obscure tracks that only they like or know. The second thing is that with a prearranged playlist tracks can be played when the person who asked for it is out of the room, in the Loo or taking a smoke break etc. They may not be happy if they think you ignored their favourite request. A good DJ will know what most people like by reading the room and if your guests ask the DJ directly the DJ will know if the request will build the party atmosphere and the optimum time to play it.

DJ Equipment

You may be lucky and your party venue has PA equipment you can use and lighting to create the right party atmosphere. If not you will find hiring a quality sound and light system that fills a party venue without distortion will cost a fortune. Most DJs take pride in their mobile disco equipment and you will have to spend a lot to hire what a good DJ will use as standard. There is a truth to the saying if you want to hire a great sound system cheaply hire a DJ and give him the night off. Apart from the hassle of collecting, setting up and returning the equipment after the event you will need someone to stand by the laptop all night. No matter how much research you have done or how inclusive your music selection is, amongst your guests there will be those who will want to take charge and change tunes throughout the night.

As you may expect we do not recommend the DIY DJ approach. Prearranged playlists don't work and if you have been to a party where it did, then it was a great crowd. The party would have been considerably better with a DJ at the helm. Unless its an informal party were you don't want or anyone to dance save yourself the hassle, spend slightly more on a specialist 80s music DJ than you would by hiring the equipment and have a great theme night party.